Report a Medical Scam

Did you travel abroad for a low-cost medical procedure that didn’t produce the desired results? Were you directed to a specific foreign clinic or hospital by a medical tourism broker? Or sold a package deal by a travel agent who specializes in medical tourism? If so, let us know. We compile a list and your experience can prevent others from choosing the same scammers.

Report a Medical Facility

If you underwent a procedure at a sub-standard foreign medical facility, report it to us. Was it unlicensed? Were the physicians who treated you improperly trained? Was the procedure you underwent conducted in a less than sterile environment? Were you given the proper medications? Did you suffer any complications as a result?

Fight Back Now! encourages you to check with us whether there is a possibility to recover the funds you spent on your unsuccessful medical procedure. It’s certainly worth the effort. Why should the operators of a medical scam and the people who work for it just walk away with your money? If we can help you we will! Feel free to call us now at +16465069373.


We manually review you complaint. We’ll see how to best direct you towards regulatory agencies, law enforcement, legal networks and other victims battling the same problems. Don't let a medical tourism scam operator to get a way with out a fight! was established to help people who were scammed by medical tourism operators, agents and facilities and inform them about what possibilities exist to get their money back. If you think you’ve been victimized, do not hesitate to contact us. We have the experience and knowledge to direct you to the appropriate address based on your story and your circumstances. Considering what you’ve been through, you owe it to yourself to at least know what your options are.

Our counselors are available to review your complaint. We’ll be able to know how to best direct you to relevant regulatory authorities, law enforcement agencies, the judicial system. Medical tourism scams is a growing issue and we are here to help you!

What you regard as a medical scam or a fraudulent medical procedure may actually be perceived by the other side as legitimate. But the fact of the matter is that misleading a patient, misrepresenting the potential success of a treatment, mislabeling a facility that is not properly licensed to offer the services that it does, and misreporting the credentials of individuals who present themselves as medical professionals are all illegalities. If you were deceived in any of these ways and paid for your medical services using a credit or debit card, you ought to be entitled to a chargeback.


Medical tourism scams are a global problem. No matter where they live, therefore, victims of fraudulent medical tourism usually confront similar problems. The scams they endure include botched medical procedures performed by inadequately trained physicians, completely phony treatments for serious diseases, transplanting infected organs, prescribing incorrect, inadequate or counterfeit medicines, and the secret kickbacks inadequate medical facilities abroad pay to tour organizers who send them their patients.

If you are a victim of a medical tourism scam, you may very well be able to get your money back. At we have the knowledge and experience to walk you through the process.

I must admit the the first time I contacted stop medical scams I had my doubts about how they can help me with my case. I got refereed by them to a professional recovery company and the end of the process I got my money.
Julie Blackman